The Lower Depths

The performance “The Lower Depths”
Based on M. Gorky’s play

Directed by Lev Erenburg

 This performance is far from school clichés and common conceptions of this play. In Gorky’s play most of us are used to see revolutionary characters and social aggravation, thick darkness and hopelessness, but in NDT’s performance this story turns out to be common and recognizable to all mankind.

It is a philosophical story, full of passionate appeal to freedom and light. The darkness of the bottom here is necessary only for the sun to shine more brightly. Famous Gorky’s doss-house is loosing it’s usual meaning, turns to an abstract raft, wonderful Noah’s Ark, on which “men and persons” philosophize by their way. Barefooted cranks, strange characters of this parable are looking for light, love, escape… Their way is difficult, and sometimes seeming  happiness turns out to be just an illusion – fata-morgana. Illusions and mirages surround them, sometimes confusing and threatening, but sometimes giving hope and bringing unsteady happiness.

“The Lower Depths” is about love, unachievable and painful, salutary and beautiful, “The Lower Depths” is about life, in which reality is often hard to believe in.  “The Lower Depths” is about death, which opens the way to a new being.

The duration of the performance — 2h. 40min. with 1 intermission — 15min.

Technical characteristics of the stage:

Depth of the stage not less than 7 meters
Mirror of the stage not less than 7 meters
Opportunity of two back exits to the stage
Black cabinet (black links and black backcloth, velvet)


PC (1 kWa) – 24 pieces
Structure (1 kWa) – 5 pieces (30, 50)
Structure (1 kWa) – 1 pieces (19)
Liko (1 kWa) – 2 pieces (50)
24 channels
(158) optical filter under catalogue LEE


Mini disk player 2 pieces
Mixer – 8 monochannels, or 4 (6) mono/ 4 (2) stereos -  1 pieces
Dual 15 band graphic EQ – 2 pieces
The amplifier – 2 200W/8 Ohm – 1 pieces
The amplifier – 2 100W/8 Ohm – 1 pieces
Loud speakers 3 way 200W/8 Ohm – 2 pieces
Loud speakers 2 way 100W/8 Ohm – 2 pieces

Supplies used during the performance:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Bath foam
  3. Red gouache or fake blood
  4. Candles – 5 pieces
  5. Church candles – 10 pieces
  6. Cigarettes, matches
  7. Bread – 1 loaf
  8. Oranges (the biggest possible) – 2 kg
  9. Water with no gas – 6 liters
  10. Rolled oats (porridge) – 1 pack
  11. Tooth-powder – 1 pack
  12. Flower (almost dried out, dying, it is understood that it has been carried around for a long time, better something with small white flowers) – 1 piece

Technical personnel: technicians, riggers, light engineer, sound engineer (should be on a platform 5 hours prior to performance).

Dressing-rooms: 2 dressing-rooms (one male, one female) near the stage.  Sink or douche behind the stage.

Total amount of people involved in the trip – 19 persons.

Accommodation and transportation: single and double rooms with bath or douche (close to the theatre), meals 3 times a day (variants are possible), transportation of troupe and stage equipment is being held by the receiving party.

Terms of transportation and accommodation are subject for discussion.