The Orchestra

The performance “The Orchestra”
Jean Anouilh “The Orchestra”

Directed by: Lev Erenburg

 The action of Jean Anouilh’s play takes place in the postwar France. Occupation has not been forgotten yet and an orchestra of a provincial resort somehow eases the life of the wretched inhabitants who suffered in the war. Manu, a madman, lives like a stray dog in the sanatorium. Each musician looks back at certain tragic episodes of his/her life as if living them on the stage once again. Public are shown the whole kaleidoscope of mutilated human lives, which provokes all kinds of emotions, from laughter to fear and tears.

It was premiered in 2001 and has already gained public recognition and called rapt attention of the critics. The actors succeeded in turning one act “Orchestra” by Jean Anouilh into a unique emotion-rich show that can be considered the very essence of the theatre as young and outrageous as the actors themselves.

Duration of the performance — 2h. 50mins with 1intermission — 15min.

Technical characteristics of the stage:

The stage mirror – min 7 m, the stage depth – min 6m
On the stage are 2 exits, “the black cabinet” (velvet)


Spot lights PC 1 kW – 20 pcs.
Spot lights PC 650 W – 20 pcs.
Spot filters (201) by LEE — 1кW – 6 pcs. (or the analog).
Prfale 1kW + color filters by LEE.
F.S. (follow spot) + a stand 1,5m.
(Please inform us what light-desk do you have)


Mini disk player 2 pieces, 2 pcs, CD
MiniDisc player, mixer for 8 channels or 4(6) mono/ 4 (2) stereo
Equlazer (8) (hi, mid,low)

Supplies used during the performance:

  1. Red gouache or fake blood
  2. Lemon, big — 1 piece
  3. Herring, average size with bones – 1 piece
  4. Beef liver, raw, one piece 20-25 cm. length (500 gr.) – 1 piece
  5. White paper, A4 size, dense – 50 pieces
  6. Shave foam, any type, balloon — 1 pieces
  7. Court plaster, wide roll – 1 piece
  8. Cigarettes, lighters
  9. Condoms, ultra-strong
  10. Polyethylene bags, black, big, strong – 5 pieces
  11. Cake with cream, not dry, cream should be sticking out of the cake – 1 piece
  12. Bread loafs, round – 1 piece
  13. Yoghurt, small, not drinkable – 1 piece
  14. Instant soup (for one cup) – 1 piece
  15. Water with no gas – 6 liters

Technical personnel: technicians, riggers, light engineer, sound engineer (should be on a platform 5 hours prior to performance).

Dressing-rooms: 2 dressing-rooms (one male, one female) near the stage.  Sink or douche behind the stage.

Total amount of people involved in the trip – 19 persons.

Accommodation and transportation: single and double rooms with bath or douche (close to the theatre), meals 3 times a day (variants are possible), transportation of troupe and stage equipment is being held by the receiving party.

Terms of transportation and accommodation are subject for discussion.