«Nebolshoy Drama Theatre» (NDT) was founded in 1999 on the base of St-Petersburg State Theater Art Academy branch “Interstudio” graduate course directed by Lev Erenburg. From the very beginning and up until now Lev Erenburg has permanently been NDT’s director.

There are six performances in the repertoire: tragic farce «To Madrid, To Madrid!» (1999) based on the play by Spanish dramatist J. J. Alonso Millian “Potassium cyanide… with milk or not?”, «The Orchestra» (2001), so called “sorrow in the rhythm of Czardas” based on Jean Anouilh’s play, «The Lower Depths» (2004), performance motivated by M. Gorky’s play, “Ivanov”(2005) and “Three sisters” (2010) — performances motivated by A. Chekhov’s plays. In 2012 the actor and the director of NDT Vadim Skvirsky created the performance «Crime and punishment» based on F.Dostoevsky’s novel. In performance take part graduates of a course of Lev Erenburg at the Baltiysky Institute and actors of NDT.

During the time of it’s existence NDT has taken part in various national and international theatre festivals, being recognized and awarded in many of them: International festival of theatre schools “ENCOUNTER-2000” (Czech Republic, Brno, 2000), International theatre festival of the Eastern European countries “To je vychod” (Czech Republic, Prague, 2000), International festival de la Sibiu (Romania, 2005), International festival in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic, 2006), International theatre festival “Belaya Veja-2006” (Brest, Belorus, 2006), VI International theatre festival «Slavija-2007» (Belgrade, Serbia, 2007); and also international festivals «Baltic House», «KukArt», «Solntsevorot», «Christmas Parade» (St-Petersburg), «Theatre Without Borders» (Magnitogorsk), «Young Theatres of Russia» (Omsk), Russian Theatre Schools Festival (Yaroslavl). NDT’s performances “The Lower Depths” and “Three sisters” was nationally recognized and nominated for Russia’s main theater prize “The golden mask” (Moscow, 2006, 2012).

«Nebolshoy Drama Theatre» does not have its own stage in St-Petersburg.